Kitchener poster, who needs them!


Ask almost anyone from the design world or from the illustration world and they’ll hopefully tell you that ‘Kitchener’s 1st World War poster ‘ of the man himself pointing at you and saying ‘Your county Needs You!”is the ultimate cliche in the design world. It’s the idea that the bloke in account handling has ‘thought of’ and expects all the creative people to admire his or her clever thought. When you point out that its a call to arms for young men to go and sacrifice themselves for no good reason and that it might not be a good idea for anyone to be associated with it, the response is normally surprise or worse: ‘Well, I think it’s O.K.’ It’s not.

This drawing was done for a local recruitment company and the sentiment I have about it is from the heart.

Kettles on!

It was some years ago and in Manchester where I was a student at the art college.

I had gone to bed and it must have been about 2 in the morning when I was awoken by the most enormous sound of the crashing metal, as a car outside came to a sticky end.It was one of those moments when you cannot remember jumping out of bed as it was done almost automatically.

Rushing to the front door my flatmate and I peered into the street to see the remains of the car just a few yards away.Small pieces of the vehicle were still rolling off it as we stared at the wreckage. It was followed by almost complete silence, save for the sound of steam coming from a fractured radiator.

Then a door opposite opened and a portly gentleman had come to the door encased in dressing gown tied firmly in place under the nipples.

People had gathered around the vehicle to help the unfortunate driver, there was low sound of concern and persons asking if an ambulance had been summoned, when portly neighbour boomed out ” KETTLE’S ON!”

My flatmate looked at me and we came to the conclusion that there was little we could do to help as all available help was at hand and that the unfortunate victim would soon be imbibing our neighbour’s tea and ¬†would be cured of any injuries sustained in the accident, plus any diseases that he had before.

Let it pour!

The cure-all.
The cure-all.

Gloucester Cathedral Roof

Gloucester Cathedral Roof

Not everyone gets the chance to get up high onto the roof of Gloucester Cathedral. I did last week and here’s the result. I was there to help them to put an appeal together for the restoration of the South Aisle Roof, which has to be repaired. I am told it could cost up to ¬£70 thousand pounds! Give generously. Back to the cartoons later…