The Would Be Traveller’s Tale

An Initiation into Domestic American Air Travel By Robin Burton This is a tale sent to me today about the joys of American air travel. Robin Burton is a seasoned air traveller and an outwardly calm chap who this time had even his even temper tried by events. The Trip Out It’s not the despair.   I can take the despair.  It’s the hope!   John Cleese’s character in the film “Clockwise” 17th April 2013:   My alarm sounds at 4 a.m. disturbing my dream about becoming a famous singing star.   I creep quietly from my bed to avoid … Continue reading The Would Be Traveller’s Tale

Like me on Facebook? Naaaaaaaaaah!

The ultimate in shameless self-promotion. Add me, like me, unlike me, poke me, and please kill me. The online social networking behemoth, the Vesuvius of white noise that is Facebook. Too much time spent on the site by an unwitting member can result in a serious case of face ache, the symptoms of which include the desire to provide a day by day running commentary on one’s own life with scant regard to the fact that nobody cares how fab lunch was with Dmitri, except for maybe yourself and Dmitri, of course you were both there, and will see each … Continue reading Like me on Facebook? Naaaaaaaaaah!

The Cougars

By Joe Davies Ah yes, the Range Rover wielding housewives of our glorious British countryside sporting only the finest of Mulberry handbag.  Little do they work yet boredom is alleviated through extensive coffee morning nattering. Swiss water de caff conversation of a frothy nature, focused on the third skiing holiday of the year, of how consumption of hot chocolate on the continent is both an aesthetic experience and a warming après ski. Back at their exclusive stone built homes, a bowl full of car keys is set out  so as to mitigate further boredom by appropriating the services of other … Continue reading The Cougars