Like me on Facebook? Naaaaaaaaaah!

The ultimate in shameless self-promotion. Add me, like me, unlike me, poke me, and please kill me. The online social networking behemoth, the Vesuvius of white noise that is Facebook. Too much time spent on the site by an unwitting member can result in a serious case of face ache, the symptoms of which include the desire to provide a day by day running commentary on one’s own life with scant regard to the fact that nobody cares how fab lunch was with Dmitri, except for maybe yourself and Dmitri, of course you were both there, and will see each other again tomorrow at yoga where you will inevitably discuss how good the poached salmon was again anyway. Outbreaks of Instagraming, and persistent punctuation of this running commentary with a variety of visual media is common practice amongst sufferers, vacuous snaps of gatherings and events will be thrust upon other unsuspecting users who only ever joined to ‘keep in touch’, and with the mandatory invitations to ‘like’ or comment upon other peoples personal trivia so the face ache epidemic spreads through encouraging epic proportions of this sycophantic behaviour.

However, this behaviour is not only restricted to other people. Steve Barnet and Sarah Copwell ‘like’ Old spice, good to know that whilst you havn’t seen Steve since you were at school years ago and you’ve no idea who Sarah is they both share an ability to get overexcited about middle of the road grooming products.


By Joe Davies

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