Like this outpost!

OK! This is one of several posts and this is about posts. More to come in the next few weeks and unlike many, the drawing here has absolutely nothing to do with this text. I am constantly amazed that anyone comes to these pages but looking at the stats plenty do.It hopefully has something to do with the images and the words which in the main are crafted by my lad Joe, a thinker and erudite wit, who’s musings always amuse me. I hope you can find the time to look at our other site: But for the time … Continue reading Like this outpost!

‘Unlike me!’ by Joe Davies

There are things that should just simply not be written down, virtually the entire contents of Facebook. It is truly a catalyst for tedium. Status updates that people I know and thought that I liked; punctuate cyber space with insipid quips, sharing their location and how much they enjoyed the pencil museum. Nobody asked but now, now we all know how much fun David and Sarah had at 14:07pm GMT, and that the tour guide was delightful. Nobody asked! I used to think David was alright, we played doubles together, not gay, tennis. HE SEEMED OK!! But, he has lured … Continue reading ‘Unlike me!’ by Joe Davies