What’s different about Tuesday?

One post 2 days ago gets an audience spike of over a 100 in a day, I thought for a moment that I might have the right formula here so that I could build on that and get loads of unsuspecting people to look at my handywork. Today back to what might be called normal,Continue reading “What’s different about Tuesday?”

The Employment Jungle in full…

The completed picture. I like drawing jungles, lots of scribbling and the chance for silly little details like bird with fish. This was commissioned so it does have a serious purpose.A good week on the blog and a massive spike in traffic after the publication of the last one and putting it out into theContinue reading “The Employment Jungle in full…”

The Employment Jungle

This is again part of a bigger drawing but here we can see what it might be about.Have a guess what the chap in the background might be saying. I’ll apologise now if it’s not quite as exciting as you might have thought, but then it is about employment and social media.The final will beContinue reading “The Employment Jungle”

Linked-in fishing.

This is part of a larger drawing, again. This time on the theme of social media and in particular Google plus, which is apparently a strong contender for the best vehicle. In particular for recruitment. More to come over the next few days all on the same theme and the other parts of the drawing,Continue reading “Linked-in fishing.”

Awards and winning, they are not generally for me!

I mean that in the politest way I can say, they are generally not for me because they have never come my way. I’ve won very little. When quite young I won something where the prize was a balsa wood model plane, it was a Weetabix competition of some sort and I suspect that anyoneContinue reading “Awards and winning, they are not generally for me!”