Awards and winning, they are not generally for me!

Awards and winning, they are not generally for me!

I mean that in the politest way I can say, they are generally not for me because they have never come my way. I’ve won very little. When quite young I won something where the prize was a balsa wood model plane, it was a Weetabix competition of some sort and I suspect that anyone who entered won an award. The plane flew once and disintegrated on landing, so no prizes for aeronautics.
I was never that good at sport, keen but no good, and managed to go through my entire gymnastic career at school without climbing the rope. I was a disappointment to my gymn teacher, but not to myself. There didn’t seem to be much point in climbing to the ceiling of the place just to come down again. I did win the modern studies prize in the first year of my sixth form and met with some disapproval when I asked for a book on the Mafia. They did not feel comfortable with the Bishop of Blackburn handing me a book on organised crime, but to be fair they went through with it. I can see his rather strained smile now. I ruined it all the next year by failing all the subjects that I got the prize for, apart from Art which I just scraped through.
So being nominated for the versatile blogger award this morning felt like winning.If I win I won’t thank anyone apart from the kind person who nominated me, because I simply do not know what it all means.

2 thoughts on “Awards and winning, they are not generally for me!

  1. Paul, you always won the award for being the most indispensable person to share a flat with. Else there would have been no cheesy egg! In fact we might have all starved. Especially Bryan as filling up on bread and jam can only go on for so long.

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