On the banks of the Severn…

On the banks of the Severn...

A change from drawing and cartoons. I’m close to the Severn, one of the most beautiful rivers in the country. The Severn bore is one of the most spectacular natural events on the river, a tidal wave that comes down river and is large enough for surfers to try their hand. No, it’s not huge, but it is well worth a trip to see.But this shot is when the river is at it’s quietest, on a September evening and close to the wider areas of river; the bore happens a little further up river and at specific times – you’ll need to look them up! This is a photograph of one of the Purton Hulks, one of a number of small ships beached on the here on the river to preserve the banks from the natural erosion of the water movement. They are close to the village of Purton which is a super tranquil place for a walk in the English countyside, and with the added bonus of the river nearby. I hung around for the sun to be at the right place for this shot, it was worth the wait for me, I hope it was for you.

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