In the eye of a storm you need a random drawing…

As we await the arrival of tonight’s special event, I post a cartoon of a cat and mouse. This is of no relevance at all to almost anything but is simply the result of laziness. I found it when trawling through images and the file was called Dennis’s cat, so I assume it was for a story about a cat belonging to Dennis.It can I suppose be thought of as a lesson that there are times when cartoons need words to make them work properly, but I have no such pretensions. It just is. I’m in thinking mode for a … Continue reading In the eye of a storm you need a random drawing…

Small car, big phone.

Isn’t modern technology brilliant, phones that can do anything. Gone are the days when one can go out for a spin in the Austin and all you would be able to hear is the sound of the British car industry. Now there are phones everywhere and people answering them almost everywhere. The worst habit has to be ordering a sandwich from someone, whilst on the phone from someone else. Continuing the inane babble on the phone while pointing at the lunchtime item to the poor insulted sandwich maker. Driving on the mobile…even worse. I’m sure we have all been tempted … Continue reading Small car, big phone.

Naughty step.

  Cartoons were originally used as fillers for magazines that had either not filled the advertising space or to make up for a journalist that could not think of an additional 100 words of golden prose to fill out his piece. In a sense this is a filler, an old drawing that I dug out late at night to post about emails.It was done for a company to discourage the over use of emails and appeared in their magazine.One wonders if this sort of thing is remotely effective, and I mean both this blog and the original drawing. I’d like … Continue reading Naughty step.

Albert Edward Toasis

Sometimes referred to as Al. He can’t help his poor breath it’s a factor all public speakers have to deal with and he’s as public as you get. Get in touch if you’d like to know more! This is the start of a new idea ( or a new old idea ) to illustrate unusual names and how they link up with a job or profession. Al is one of those chaps that spent some time in the army and now is a professional toastmaster. They introduce celebrity speaks at what we call functions! Al suffers from poor mouth health … Continue reading Albert Edward Toasis