In the eye of a storm you need a random drawing…

In the eye of a storm you need a random drawing...

As we await the arrival of tonight’s special event, I post a cartoon of a cat and mouse. This is of no relevance at all to almost anything but is simply the result of laziness. I found it when trawling through images and the file was called Dennis’s cat, so I assume it was for a story about a cat belonging to Dennis.It can I suppose be thought of as a lesson that there are times when cartoons need words to make them work properly, but I have no such pretensions. It just is.
I’m in thinking mode for a series and when they gel then there may well be drawings of more meaning and substance, but don’t hold your breath, I’m not quite ready yet for the graphic novel.

Small car, big phone.

Small car, big phone.

Isn’t modern technology brilliant, phones that can do anything. Gone are the days when one can go out for a spin in the Austin and all you would be able to hear is the sound of the British car industry. Now there are phones everywhere and people answering them almost everywhere. The worst habit has to be ordering a sandwich from someone, whilst on the phone from someone else. Continuing the inane babble on the phone while pointing at the lunchtime item to the poor insulted sandwich maker.

Driving on the mobile…even worse. I’m sure we have all been tempted to answer a mobile phone whilst driving but it’s a temptation that has to be resisted. There are safer hands-free gizmos, but even they seem a little dangerous. Sitting at traffic lights and watching someone talking to themselves has to be at times an unnerving experience. Then there are those awful little ear gadgets that have thankfully not really caught on. Looking like an very old hearing aid they give the wearers an air of complete self importance and when they are used in public places the wearer appears to be just one stop away from the ‘hearing voices’ madness.

Then there’s the weak signal. Go into any of the vive valleys around Stroud in Gloucestershire and the chances of loosing signal on a mobile are multiplied. It’s getting better but still not perfect. The same can happen in London of course. It seems incredible to some people that we ever had phone boxes and that by just walking up to them and paying a small amount we could phone anywhere, and with the very clearest of ‘signal’, what’s more we could find out the time for free!

This week’s drawing was all about losing signal and the possible answer. It mixes the joy of pootling around in a car with the expectation of an important call. A drawing done some years ago for a communications company that was seeking to solve the problem.

I’m going through my archives and publishing these for the time being whilst working on a new theme and a new seam of ideas. Hope you like it!

Naughty step.

Naughty step.


Cartoons were originally used as fillers for magazines that had either not filled the advertising space or to make up for a journalist that could not think of an additional 100 words of golden prose to fill out his piece.

In a sense this is a filler, an old drawing that I dug out late at night to post about emails.It was done for a company to discourage the over use of emails and appeared in their magazine.One wonders if this sort of thing is remotely effective, and I mean both this blog and the original drawing. I’d like to think it’s one of the great unknowns but it’s not, it’s a tiny unknown.

So there you are, this week you are victim of a filler. Thanks for popping in.

Albert Edward Toasis

Albert Edward Toasis

Sometimes referred to as Al. He can’t help his poor breath it’s a factor all public speakers have to deal with and he’s as public as you get. Get in touch if you’d like to know more!
This is the start of a new idea ( or a new old idea ) to illustrate unusual names and how they link up with a job or profession. Al is one of those chaps that spent some time in the army and now is a professional toastmaster. They introduce celebrity speaks at what we call functions!

Al suffers from poor mouth health and the curse of all public speakers, bad breath.Hence his name. Think about it, you’ll soon get it.
This is, as yet, an unfinished drawing. The final beast will be released on an unsuspecting public in due course.