Anne Teague

Anne Teague

She’s been collecting for decades and this, her latest, is a stuffed bear.Rare, thanks goodness.
As a species her and her comrades, other dealers, are to be seen in salesrooms countrywide, bidding on the most unlikely items and trying to hide that small masterpiece in the battered cardboard box from her other dealer friends.Don’t be fooled by that rather innocent look, she’s a pro and can spot a bargain at a hundred yards. Her normal speciality is fine dining pieces, and delicate porcelain but she finds stuffed bears irresistible.She’s never noticed anything odd about her name.

Repent! The demise of advertising.

Repent! The demise of advertising.

I’m doing a series of drawings for a magazine about the demise of ‘things’ and this is the drawing for one of them.It’s an A to Z and this drawing is loosely based on a chap who one used to see around Piccadilly Circus who recommended sitting a lot and a vegetarian diet to prevent the onset of lust. The fact that he used to stand around all day seemed to have little impact on his message.I’ve changed it, to relate to advertising, a noble profession that I uses to have some involvement in myself.There was apparently a dog food in the states that was called ‘Bark’ or ‘Woof’ and the copy line on this is taken from that.Too good to waste.


Green belt under threat.

Green belt under threat.

Here’s today’s offering. A drawing for a local action group to try and help them stave off housing being built on our green and pleasant areas.
Here in rural Gloucestershire we have some of the finest countryside the country. Surrounding Cheltenham are areas of green where the council plan to build more homes. We need more houses but is it not within the wit of the local council and the ‘powers that be’ to look at derelict industrial areas to regenerate with housing? For your insight Mr Horwood is the local MP and is likely to be chucked out if he supports the plan which he does at present,and Mr Jordan is on the local council and is also supporting the present plan.
I wish our local group well with the campaign to check building on green belt areas. I hope this helps them.