Repent! The demise of advertising.

Repent! The demise of advertising.

I’m doing a series of drawings for a magazine about the demise of ‘things’ and this is the drawing for one of them.It’s an A to Z and this drawing is loosely based on a chap who one used to see around Piccadilly Circus who recommended sitting a lot and a vegetarian diet to prevent the onset of lust. The fact that he used to stand around all day seemed to have little impact on his message.I’ve changed it, to relate to advertising, a noble profession that I uses to have some involvement in myself.There was apparently a dog food in the states that was called ‘Bark’ or ‘Woof’ and the copy line on this is taken from that.Too good to waste.


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  1. I noticed the pun about woof and it made me laugh- I laughed more when I read that someone had used it! Shameless manipulation of the language but you have to admire it!

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