Sometimes rough is better than finished…must try harder.

Sometimes rough is better than finished...must try harder.

Asked to do a drawing for a local school and roughed this out. It’s a rugby playing boy’s school so rather than glorify the first team this is for those who try hard but fail miserably, but at least they try.No pun intended.This character is close to home, I never amounted to much as a rugby player.I went to a rugby playing boy’s school and one of my P.E. reports actually said: ‘Tries hard;fails miserably’.It’s a long time ago now and I’ve forgiven the writer, the normal psychopathic games teacher who thought that an hour on the field in the snow was ‘character building’. He used to ask us to run down to the local shop to buy his cigarettes for him, he paid, he wasn’t that mean, but how times have changed.Ten woodbines were his favourites, I was not.