D & G the final, or is it?

D & G the final, or is it?

My final drawing for the David and Goliath, big business and small, with added digital enhancement.I’m a convert to the digital age but it gives so many options when preparing a drawing that one is never entirely finished, but economics dictate that you call a halt when it appears to have come to a natural conclusion.

Stone me! D and G

dandg lineworkThe next stage of the process, the line work before I really foul it up.Drawings are best done in a relaxed mode, not drunk ( done drunk and it looks great at the time and dreadful the day after )
I was relaxed when I did this the next stage of the David and Goliath drawing, and when this bit was done perhaps I should have stopped, it’s good enough like this without digital interference perhaps. We’ll see. The digital difference will be posted later.

Little big man

Little big man

Here’s something I’m working on, yes it’s David and Goliath, well spotted.
This is the rough.It’s to illustrate the usual, small business v big business theme.
I well remember the Eagle comic and it’s illustration of the biblical story which sprang to mind when doing this, I do not have reference to it but then I’m not one of those drawers who use a lot of reference, the fact that Goliath has only three fingers in this is something to be corrected in the final, but it never troubled Mickey Mouse.
I’ll post the final later…

Double f’s

Double f's

I was asked to do some illustrated double ff.’s.
It’s something to do with Friday’s and am a little bit in the dark about the exact use to which this will be put, but here’s one of the drawings.The lights on, I was working late on a Friday, but my office looks slightly different to this.

Pleased to meat…

Pleased to meat...

Looking at a series of cartoons for a company that helps people identify where their food comes from! That’s a broad generalisation to describe a company that does things a little more sophisticated than I can possibly describe. At any rate they seem to have a sense of humour about it. This little chap is one of several for the project and this one illustrates the line which states: “that one of the first domesticated cattle ( Bos Primigenius ) weighed in at 1000 kilos and stood 2 metres tall”…big cow!