Just such a perfect day.



There are days when it seems everything goes right, the weather set fair and the plan for a walk with a chum comes to fruition.Lack of such a thing as a map to find the start point for the ‘chum walk’ does cause some initial ripples but nothing that cannot be sorted out by asking a delivery driver in a not-so-nearby village.”Your miles away” is the initial reaction but after that his directions set me on the right track.
After that we set off in the Mendips for a super day out, with picnic of sandwiches at the highest point.There is nothing that beats the English countryside on a day like today, and today was unbeatable.
Thanks Richard!

( I normally post just my drawings and the odd photo on this site but today was just so good, I’m putting these two up there for a change. I think the flowers may be harebells, not sure, and the other one is Richard with the Bristol Channel and Wales in the distance.)