Treesock…sounds like a village in Wales…

…but it’s not.It’s a tree with a sock on it, and it’s in Tuffley Avenue in Gloucester. Perhaps someone felt sorry for the tree and thought it might be expecting a cold winter.I hope they get the credit they deserve for such a brilliant idea.

I had no idea there were tree-huggers in Gloucester, it’s good to be proved wrong.treesock

Oeuvretime…most of it is unpaid and unknown.

Those in the creative business, which I think I’m in, know that there are times when one stares into the middle distance.

Then there are times when one can be writing furiously, that’s without anger but perhaps with passion.Or drawing and painting in the same way.Those who are not of the same mind: accountants and those people who like to think that 2 and 2 add up to 4, have no understanding of this time spent looking into¬†space.

“Do you really think this is a productive use of your time?”. I overheard this one day when a fellow thinker was caught in such a reverie of creative thought, by a number cruncher who thought he was paying for someone to stand and stare.

It most certainly is, should have been the response.

It’s oeuvre time, and most creative people do loads of it, and a lot of it unpaid.



Johnny Depp in Gloucester…does he need the money that badly?


I don’t normally post photos on my blog, but this one from today is a little too good to be true.

Johnny Depp is coming to Gloucester and I’m sure this is him getting in a bit of practice for his coming fantasy role in the latest Tim Burton film.They will be filming down at the Docks soon and the tall ships have arrived.The citizens of Gloucester are a generous bunch and Johnny had a few coins donated to him as he sat at the Cross in the City Centre.

Not a lot of people know that Gloucester is the largest inland docks in the country. I’m starting to sound like one of those Disney travel films now.

Venture, if you will to try the local delicacies on offer in the region.Ye olde Fishe and Chippie on the way to Kingsholme, the home of those tough guys at Gloucester Rugby Club,that’s Gloucester pronounced Gloster to you folks in foreign parts…Tallshipsglos

“…a corrupt policeman prodded my biscuits…”


Driving along listening to one of those morning programmes on Radio 4 that are described as ‘magazines’, I heard a radio presenter describe a television presenter/judge on a famous baking programme as “looking like a corrupt policeman with a swimming pool he had not properly earned”. It was a description that made me laugh because it seemed to describe the chap perfectly, and I cannot put my finger on quite why it was so accurate.Not only that but this presenter had actually been on the ‘Bake-off’ programme and had suffered having his biscuits prodded by this erstwhile arm of the law, who to my knowledge has never been with the boys in blue.

I hope they meet again soon and that our ‘baking man with a tan’ remembers his colleagues colourful description of him.

Meanwhile if anyone can think of a caption for this drawing then please let me know, it has to be about company morale building.I have one, but yours might be better than mine. I pay nothing.

Cool dude…not.


We had visitor from Canada, a feisty lady who did a huge amount for the local community, saving endangered trees from the idiocy of the local council and others, and who was obliged to go back to Canada to live. This after serving our local community for years and paying taxes over here for the same amount of time, was forced, by the idiocy, this time of the Government, to return to Canada. She made the ‘mistake’of not applying for a UK passport.
Well, she’s just come back for a short holiday here and we had a great tea party with scones the like of which I have not tasted for many years.
” How is it over in Canada? ” I asked.
She muttered: ” Oh! the trains run on time and go whoosh, the place is clean, they don’t cut down trees because they shed berries
( another long story ), the people are so friendly and polite and say ‘Have a good day’ all the time and mean it.

We all looked at her in pity, until someone piped up:
“Sounds like you’re missing us then?”

The drawing here is apropos of nothing…it’s just a drawing of a bloke I saw outside a tattoo parlour in Gloucester, where there’s a danger of trees being cut down if they shed berries ( It’ll be leaves next! ), and where people do not as a rule say : ‘Have a good day’ all the time. Great place!