Oeuvretime…most of it is unpaid and unknown.

Those in the creative business, which I think I’m in, know that there are times when one stares into the middle distance.

Then there are times when one can be writing furiously, that’s without anger but perhaps with passion.Or drawing and painting in the same way.Those who are not of the same mind: accountants and those people who like to think that 2 and 2 add up to 4, have no understanding of this time spent looking into¬†space.

“Do you really think this is a productive use of your time?”. I overheard this one day when a fellow thinker was caught in such a reverie of creative thought, by a number cruncher who thought he was paying for someone to stand and stare.

It most certainly is, should have been the response.

It’s oeuvre time, and most creative people do loads of it, and a lot of it unpaid.