Men who mend almost anything.


Here’s what greeted me on my first visit ten years ago

As a follow on from the last posting,I’m posting something away from the book this week.

Over ten years ago I changed direction from cartoons and got a ‘proper job’ selling print for a local print company: Severnprint. One of my very first customers was from a company that wanted to update their stationery.The stuff they had still had the old Gloucester phone number it was so ancient. So I got into my little yellow van ( it went with the job ) and pootled off to find them out in the countryside.

I came to what appeared to be a farm with very large barns and what appeared to be some rusting machinery outside including something like a train with a broken funnel.The father and son that ran the business were the embodiment of ‘men who mend things’. They allowed me to take photographs of their immense workshop where they had enough equipment to be able to mend almost anything.


This photo taken ten years ago.


This one taken last week.


Having shown some enthusiasm for their efforts they were kind enough to show me their ‘collection’. They had a collection of working steam engines, one that used to run the Waring and Gillow furniture factory in the Midlands. It was like a huge collection of boys toys and their pride in their achievements was palpable. I was lucky to see it all.

They ordered the print and that was the last I expected to hear from them as they ordered enough to last them several years. At least I had the photographs.

Last week they called me.They needed to re-order, and it’s to Severn’s credit ( Severn the new name for Severnprint ) that they they were able to locate the ten year old file for the reprint within minutes. I insisted on taking out the print proof for them to sign along with my camera.

Here’s the engine that greeted me on my new visit, and here also are the unchanged workshops. They were kind enough to let me take photos again.


It made my day.

There are still men who mend almost anything.

One thought on “Men who mend almost anything.

  1. wish my garden was big enough for a steam engine and a shed to fix it in. Nearly forgot…..the ability to engineer something would be good to!


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