I’m not retiring, I’m being been re-pointed.

love9am disengagefinal252249252sf

I’m due to retire from my day job as a print rep at the end of November and there seems to be no mechanism for telling people that you have not expired and that I shall not be spending my days watching daytime TV. So I think it best to say that I am being re-pointed, like a fine brick wall. My grouting is to be replaced with a new mix.

In actual fact, I shall be going back to what I did before and that involves a lot of drawing and only a modicum of daytime TV.

Here’s the latest of a line of cartoons that I do for a chap in Cirencester who is a whizz at the social meedjah. I’m pleased with this one, as his subject of disengagement is so true of a lot of businesses these days.

For more about him look at http://www.welove9am.com

For more about what I’m been re-pointed from see http://www.severnprint.co.uk

A fine group of people who know all there is to know about print and were blessed enough with a big enough sense of humour to employ me for the past 10 years os so.

So here we go…into the mix!

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