Pushing the envelope…

Just like many of these corporate sayings like ‘running it up the flag pole’ I’m convinced that no one knows what they mean.In this case pushing the envelope refers to my recent mailing from my day job.

I work for a fine set of printers in wonderful downtown Gloucester and have done for the past ten plus years. I joined the company after a 30 year spell earning my entire living from drawing cartoons and illustration. They gave me a ‘proper job’ where I was paid every month and I started at 8.30 and was allowed home at 5.00 each day. No weekend work or working into the night like the previous ( and parallel career ) Sociable too, I got to meet loads of interesting people almost every week.

Well I am retiring from the printers at the end of the month and to announce this to my customers I send them a letter mailing, and to personalise them had the idea of ‘doodling a quickie’ on each envelope. So to each window envelope I added a little pencil cartoon or doodle to personalise them and they went out to my customers last week.

I got one of the chaps at work to take my photo before they went as with this sort of thing the originals not only went out in the post, they were the post. Perhaps that is the true meaning of ‘pushing the envelope’, lets run it up the flagpole and see how it flies next week.


Not exactly the best of photographs, dull day, had to be taken quickly!

For more info on me you can always drop into http://www.pauldaviescartoons.co.uk
and for more info on the printers take a look at http://www.severnprint.co.uk

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