Signs of the times or perhaps time of the signs…

It seems right to take a break from cartoons.




I love signs and here’s a collection of some recent gems.
The first taken in Sheffield kills two birds with one stone, the first is the Chinese restaurant.How long did it take them to come up with that one, a big improvement on one in Cheltenham where there’s one called “Mini roundabout Chinese Takeaway”. What if they change the road plan, could spell disaster for them.Note also the car selling electronic fags ( in the UK fags is short for cigarettes for any US readers ) He must be doing well from this new habit to afford a personalised number plate.


The next is a sign in a local toy shop.The owner of the shop is obviously miffed that he is missing out on trade because of the local parking restrictions, it’s a gesture of independence, good for him. And if you do go in you can get yourself a nice toy police helmet: there’s one in the window.


Last, this van, also spotted locally. I love the sentiment in this sign. These guys obviously suffered at school for being clever and now are enjoying getting their own back. Good on you geeks!



To all those who follow me here I hope you have a very peaceful and Happy New Year .




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