Writers group.Writer’s group.

Depending on punctuation it could be a sentence or a description.I’ve joined, and it’s both.I was invited by my friend Valerie Du Monceau, now there’s a good name for a writer if ever there was one.

What was it like?

If I’m really honest it was a tad intimidating but then that’s sort of good for the creative juices.We all sit down a very pleasant room over a bar in Cheltenham and after having been given a subject we then have about an hours to write our ‘piece’, then after a short break to get some dutch courage from the bar we read out our bit. I have to say that the quality and quantity that some people seemed able to produce was utterly amazing. I thought that some of them must have had ‘here’s one a made earlier’ cooked up somewhere. Not only that but the difference in the pieces was also striking to say the least. Some where poetic, others sci-fi, moving prose and some considerable humour amongst all of them.

I’m hoping to persuade some of them to publish their offerings on my other site http://www.unknownitems.com in due course. They deserve to be read by more than just a few like minds over a bar on a rainy Thursday.

I’m looking forward to the next meeting, words await.pen.jpg


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