Hiding In Shadows – The Way We Make A Broken Heart

Brilliant recording on here, and that guitarists hands would make him a good choice in goal for England.

The Immortal Jukebox

‘No adultery is bloodless’ (Natalia Ginzburg)

‘Adultery is in most cases a theft in the dark.’ (Stefan Zweig)

‘To borrow against the trust someone has placed in you costs nothing at first. You get away with it, you take a little more and a little more until there is nothing more to draw on. Oddly, your hands should be full with all that taking but when you open them there’s nothing there.’. (Jeanette Winterton)

‘There must be millions just like you and me, practiced in the art …’
(John Hiatt from, ‘The Way We Make A Broken Heart’)

The human heart is about the size of a large fist and usually weighs about 10 ounces. Throughout each twenty four hours of light, half-light, near dark and dark your heart will beat some 100,000 times and if you are lucky enough to live a long life it will beat on and…

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Okains Bay

This is my niece’s blog, she writes beautifully.

In the Land of the Long White Cloud

Type in the word ‘bach’ on Google in the northern hemisphere, and you’re most likely to get as your first result a Wikipedia article on the famous Baroque composer who fathered twenty children. Search for it on Google in the southern hemisphere, however, and you get something quite different (although good old Johann will still feature pretty high up). Pronounced ‘batch’ and also known as a ‘crib’, a bach is a small holiday home in New Zealand. The Kiwi Bear’s bach is in a place called Okains Bay, one of many bays nestled between the rocky and volcanic fingers of Banks Peninsula.   It is where we head to from the airport when we eventually land in Christchurch the morning after our pit stop in Auckland (and after my bag, ahem, arrives a day late from China.)

Christchurch is famously flat and gridlike, with four long, straight avenues at its…

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Hang on!

Here’s another of this i.t. cartoons. Looking at this one I’m struck by  the fact that he’s hanging on to his computer and that the lady in the window is more concerned about the files than his safety. Is he there by some terrible mistake or had he just had enough of the job and even her.

The cartoons here were done some time ago and the technology has moved on a bit, but the message is the same.

For the time being this blog will be more pictures than words. Thanks for dropping in.