Spiderman lives locally.


Not a lot of people know that Spiderman lives here right in the heart of England, but now I can reveal with this exclusive picture. Poor chap looked a bit down at heel and thin, could have benefitted from putting on a few pounds and perhaps  a bit of a ‘work-out’. He was heading for this Pizza place so I’m hopeful that they will give him a nice filling snack, after all he is returning their sign to them by the look of it.


Shedloads of data…

Gloucestershire was flooded in 2007 and this is a drawing done after the deluge for the local County Council. I am assuming that it was about ‘shedloads of data’. It was never finished and I came upon it just now, it was juts an idea to present. There’s a certain factor about drawing disaster as a cartoon that takes away the proper unpleasantness of the event ( within reason ) and using cartoons in a dry old publication ( excuse the pun ) was a way of making it a little more readable.

This is just a rough drawing but I think I’ll go and recycle this for something else, and finish it up.

I’ll post it when done.Thanks for visiting, don’t get your feet wet.