Gone again.

Stretching yet again, trying to see how many ideas come from one basic drawing.I suppose this sequence is a little like a comic strip but at least with this one can get as much mileage as possible out of a basic drawing.

I shall continue to what I think will be a logical conclusion, after all I have control.

You have to have seen the last one for this one to make any sense.

Stretching it…

From yesterday’s post the natural thing to do is to stretch the idea as much as possible, so here goes.

I shall take this to it’s natural conclusion in the following days. I’m thinking of giving these two guards names, any ideas will be naturally ignored and I’ll do what I think best, but thanks anyway.

We have snow on the ground here in respectable Cheltenham, but not quite as much as this.

Could be colder.

Here’s one for a winter morning, found in a bottom drawer in the recent ‘massive clear-out’.

I have no idea what it was for and may well have been just an excuse to draw two blokes on the border of Siberia. I wonder if the Russians go on about the weather as much as we do here in England, I doubt it, but at least one of these chaps is being positive.

I used to love the Giles cartoons in the Express newspapers and his draughtsmanship was just brilliant, in particular he had a way of drawing snow where he just left large areas of untouched white, which is what you have here.

Less is more.

What’s so funny about accents?

Digging through some old paperwork I came across this cartoon strip. I used to have a regular commission for a local firm of lawyers for their newsletter.They’d give me a grey old crusty subject and then I’d be forced to find something trivial and hopefully marginally amusing to draw up a strip for them. This one was about paperwork for people coming to this country. This is just the rough but it needs no faffing to get across the meaning.

The company it was for are called Willans, and it amused my small mind that accented it would be ‘villains’. They either didn’t notice or were blessed with a keen sense of humour, as we all know lawyers are. Aren’t they?