Jesus drives a porche in Paradise.

Paradise busstop

Yesterday we took the opportunity to take a walk in Paradise. We could have taken the bus but chose to drive there and park next to the golf course, buses to Paradise are limited.We then wandered through it’s burgeoning green valley and hillsides, next to bubbling streams but not before we noticed the Porche where the owner seems to have left us in no doubt who’s driving.

jesus car

Like my post.

Here’s a little something spotted in leafy Cheltenham just this last weekend. There at the top of the local park on the street is a beautiful Victorian postbox. Cast iron, no doubt, and built to last as it has. Still in regular use as you can see by the white notice. vic post1vicpost

Given that Victoria died in 1901, this gem is at least 114 years old. In the days when it was installed it was not uncommon to write a letter locally in the morning and have it delivered in the afternoon. We here in the UK are apt to take these sort of antique artefacts for granted, but think what a lot of history must have passed through this box. I think it’s wonderful.