Anger management made easy.

This is a detail of a recent cartoon for We love 9am, a loyal and regular client.Sometimes those rather quick drawings have that immediacy that any amount of working on can readily ruin.

I know that we ‘creatives’ are not really supposed to like our own work, but in this case I like this one myself.

For the whole thing take a look at and see it in context in the next day or so.badtempered


Poulet station, who’ll come first the chicken or the egg?

Polling station

So we all go to the polls tomorrow and some will be voting close to a chicken dinner. I see that this restaurant in Highbury is encouraging customers to be creative with the truth, so who’ll be surprised if the politicians will be also? £22-00 for a chicken seems to be a bit on the steep side too!

I just hope that we come out of the process without too much gravy and won’t be overcome by emulsion like this van nearby.