Papering over some cracks.


What a day for the politicians here in the UK. Posh boys back in Government and poor old labour party and liberal democrats well and truly bashed. My own theory is that the people have not forgotten what labour did when last in Government and the liberals have not been forgiven for what they did with the posh boys whilst they governed with them.

Our own MP around here was chucked out after 10 years service, which is a shame as he did his best for the locals, but I fear he was tainted by local opposition to housing on the green belt where he was seen to be on the ‘wrong side’. Can’t see the new Tory doing anything different, am not expecting him to lie down in front of a bulldozer.

At least UKIP did as badly as we could have hoped for, what a waste of space they are. Never trust a bloke who wears a “spiv” coat and looks like a second hand car salesman on a day out with the lads.

Here are a couple of apt posters.

ripped poster

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