Papering over some cracks.


What a day for the politicians here in the UK. Posh boys back in Government and poor old labour party and liberal democrats well and truly bashed. My own theory is that the people have not forgotten what labour did when last in Government and the liberals have not been forgiven for what they did with the posh boys whilst they governed with them.

Our own MP around here was chucked out after 10 years service, which is a shame as he did his best for the locals, but I fear he was tainted by local opposition to housing on the green belt where he was seen to be on the ‘wrong side’. Can’t see the new Tory doing anything different, am not expecting him to lie down in front of a bulldozer.

At least UKIP did as badly as we could have hoped for, what a waste of space they are. Never trust a bloke who wears a “spiv” coat and looks like a second hand car salesman on a day out with the lads.

Here are a couple of apt posters.

ripped poster

Leonard Cohen and weed control.

hardware shop

Where’s this? India,West Indies or perhaps North London. Third time right. This wonderful hardware shop can teach those corporate giants a thing or two about how to look interesting.It’s one of those rarities: a real hardware shop! There are few of them around now as they’ve been chucked out by the likes of B & Q, a store where I cannot imagine how they make any profit at all with their row upon row of power tools and things that no sane person would buy, and which have the effect of bringing on depression for the most happy go lucky beast.

Whereas this? It’s a joy to look at. I did not go in, which is a shame, forced to keep walking by the family, but I bet they can get most things for you and know a bloke who can mend anything too.

I have a fond memory of visiting a hardware shop similar to this some years ago and asking a rather geeky young man what he recommended to get rid of couch grass and similar weeds in my garden plot.With a straight face he said “Try getting a small portable record player and a few Leonard Cohen records and play them continuously and the weeds will kill themselves”.

He did not try to sell me chemicals.

Anger management made easy.

This is a detail of a recent cartoon for We love 9am, a loyal and regular client.Sometimes those rather quick drawings have that immediacy that any amount of working on can readily ruin.

I know that we ‘creatives’ are not really supposed to like our own work, but in this case I like this one myself.

For the whole thing take a look at and see it in context in the next day or so.badtempered


Poulet station, who’ll come first the chicken or the egg?

Polling station

So we all go to the polls tomorrow and some will be voting close to a chicken dinner. I see that this restaurant in Highbury is encouraging customers to be creative with the truth, so who’ll be surprised if the politicians will be also? ¬£22-00 for a chicken seems to be a bit on the steep side too!

I just hope that we come out of the process without too much gravy and won’t be overcome by emulsion like this van nearby.


Exhibition woman gazes at Sargent

We had a trip out at the weekend.
After taking in the Richard¬†Diebenkorn exhibition at the Royal Academy we headed off to the John Singer Sargent Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.The chap manning the desk was possibly the most bored I’d seen anyone for a long while. The exhibition costs quite a bit to get into but, like the Diebenkorn is worth the money. I took the opportunity in a short sit down to take in this large woman. She stood in front of one of Sargent’s wonderful paintings and in front of me. She’ll never know that she was the star of my sketchbook for the day,and of this blog.
It’s back to the border guards next rather than large handsome women.

Bigwomanat exhibition

Banksie revisited, what a shame.

We were blessed here in Cheltenham with a visit from famous graffiti artist Banksie about a year ago when he painted this blank wall on the end of a terrace of houses. I thought it was a good joke given that Cheltenham listens to the world through GCHQ, and it brightened up the house facade.

banksie first

A year on and this is the result. Nothing very funny about this mess. Wrangles about who owns it and who can profit from it have made it into this, together with a visit from someone with more paint and a lot less talent than Mr Banksie. It would be good if someone had the bright idea of just repainting the house in its original colour and leaving well alone.

Banksie shame

I wonder if it had been done by anyone other than a famous artist anyone would have bothered.