I used to do colour, and I took a liking for ‘green’


There was a time when I used to draw and then do colour, not so much these days as colour is added digitally. I’m not sure if that is good or bad, it can certainly be a little less tense. I also, from time to time, got an idea in my head that I’d do a few cartoons on a subject of my own choosing.

This drawing dates from 1990 when I decided to do a series of drawings or cartoons on the subject ‘ green & pleasant’. It was my ‘green’ period so to speak.The one featured here is called: ‘Unhappy returns’ and hopefully speaks for itself about pollution and beaches.

I did organise an exhibition of the work in London and this was at a small gallery within what was then called the Ecology Centre. The opening night coincided with the outbreak of the Gulf War, everyone was miserable enough without me reminding them that there were other reasons for gloom. Not many people came to the exhibition and not that many people have seen the work. I found these today when clearing out an area of my office.

For the technical amongst you,the technique used to draw them was convoluted and time consuming. All the line work, the black and white bits, were drawn on layout paper and then clear acetate cells were made of the line work. Colour was added on the back of the cells like an animation drawing, and the slightly subtler colours of the sea were done as a background in magic marker and chalks. The cell painting was done by a professional animation painter: Linda, who seemed to know what colours would go best! So it’s not even all my own work, more of a collaboration. By the time I’d done the drawings and paid for the acetate cells and the painting, the cost of each piece was not something I’d begin to contemplate today.

I must have had a lot of confidence in their success to persevere, as it happens a misplaced confidence. The drawing ( or should I say the acetate ) has lasted well, as have the vibrant animation colours. The background colours have faded a little but not to any great detriment.The idea is as current as ever, hopefully.

Tomorrow it’s back to snowy wastes, but for today this seems a good time to inflict this on you, after all, it is supposed to be summer.

greennple unhappyreturnsweb


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