Green ‘n Pleasant

Here’s another of those drawings done years ago in the series I did on matters environmental, take a look at the posting from 4th June to see the first featured on this site.

I’ve left all the bits in this, warts and all, to show how we did artwork in those days: could get a bit messy. This one again used the technique of doing the line work on layout paper and then that was photographed and made into a clear acetate cell with just the black and white line work on it, after that Linda coloured it all up for me painting the back of the acetates with animation paints ( the sort used on the old animation cells ). I did the softer background and in this case that was just the area at the top of the image, most of this image being painted, which gives that vibrant flat colour.The whole lot then laid flat on some decent board. It was an absolute nightmare for printers and normally I had to have the artwork professionally photographed to get a decent scan, and they did not like them either as the cell cast a small shadow on the background. The colour in these is slightly odd but close enough, I’m not that much of a purist.

It’s a case of technique running away from itself and me trying to be too clever by half.The featured image is a detail and the one below is the whole thing.This one is called “Pssst!” and I think I must have been to use this technique, though to be honest I’m very proud of the result.

This particular one was printed as a full colour poster at the time, of which there are none left! There is a faded version of one in a small country garage in the Cotswolds.This came off the original which I found in an old frame in the attic just a few weeks ago.greennplestanker

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