Cheltenham Open Studios, get out there and see them.

Here in leafy Cheltenham it’s Open Studios time. Artists have opened their doors to the public for them to see how they work. There are dozens of them around the town where you can either wander in and see an exhibition or see where the artists work. They’ve published a great little guide so you can plan your route around the town and drop in here and there. It’s a brilliant opportunity for people to talk to the artist and buy directly from them.

I declare an interest here, my wife Elisabeth Le Vierge ( yes, she keeps her own name as it’s considerably more interesting and rare than mine ) is exhibiting at one of the venues: St Luke’s Church. She’s there with four other artists and the work is cleverly displayed around the church.There are greetings cards to buy too if you don’t feel in the mood for an original piece.

Lo Cole, one of the country’s leading illustrators is exhibiting too, he’s got a little gallery up in Lansdowne Place Lane and he has some wonderfully vibrant prints for sale there.Look at the guide for opening times.

You might ask why I don’t exhibit at Open Studios….perhaps I should but these days my work is increasingly digitally adjusted ( some might say enhanced ) and the originals are , to my mind, not as good as the final digital versions. Sounds like a good excuse to me.


Both the images here are Elisabeth’s paintings, the riverscape is available as a greeting card, the Cretean Rocks painting above is a large painting best seen in the exhibition, and is also available as a greeting card. You can see more of her work on her website:

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