Japanese mayonnaise, is that far fetched?

So there I was in the local M and S, for those of you not familiar with British stores it’s a department store with a food section. I was accosted by one of their customer service people and asked if I wanted to buy a bottle of ‘this’. It was now reduced to 10p.

“What is it? ”

“Japanese mayonnaise Sir”

“Why would I want to buy Japanese mayonnaise when I can get perfectly good English mayonnaise?”

“Because it’s only 10p Sir”

” Apparently it’s very popular in Japan”

“But not over here or it wouldn’t be only 10p. Which of the wise heads in your buying department ever thought that getting mayonnaise that has travelled six thousand miles might be a good idea?”

” Dunno Sir”

“OK, I’ll give it a try” said I. Thinking that at 10p it might be worth it.

As he left me he looked at one of his colleagues and gave a short imperceptible ‘whoop’ of triumph. They’d just managed to get rid of the last bottle of the stuff without actually giving it away.

So this bottle of Japanese mayonnaise resides in my fridge waiting for an opportunity to be used, and I think of the phone call to Japan: ” Hello, yes we did get the mayonnaise, but nobody else did”

“Sorry, we do not understand ”

“It didn’t sell Mr Toshiba ( I’m short on Japanese names )”

” So you won’t be ordering any more?”

” I think not”

“I don’t understand, it’s very popular in Japan”


May be the dangerous nature of the bottle is what put us off, who wants their clothes spattered and spotted when approaching salad.

For those of you looking out for my border guards series, they will be back in the next few days.siberiamastermayo


  1. I was once presented with a tin of Sund Stromming. Fermented herring I think. The instructions said open under water out of doors…

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