Signs of trouble or mirth?

I’m keen on signs that don’t quite seem right and here are some I’ve caught up with recently. Hairdressers have a habit of giving their businesses comic signs and this one caught my eye in Victoria, London. For anyone outside the UK, Ryan Air is a local budget airline with a reputation for charging for blowing your nose, so this link does not seem such a good idea.


I’ve been walking past this shop for the last couple of years and perhaps just as well, I’d rather not run into Kim until I know exactly what she nails.

Kim nails

I’ve also got a thing about the overuse of exclamation marks and this sample really does take the biscuit, or the raw fish. This is the local Sushi bar – it’s only food, uncooked.


Then there’s this. For those cyclists amongst you , you can be sure you’ll be safe in Cheltenham. We have designated cycle lanes. This one is about 15 metres long and by the time you’ve got on your bike at one end, it will be the bitter end at the other, so best get off. Stay safe.