Urban walking in the sun…

Too good an evening after a dull day to miss out on a bit of a walk, and the sun showed off certain parts of Cheltenham in a good light. I used to have an office many years ago in Imperial Square right here in the middle of the town, opposite the Town Hall in fact and remember well working in summer evenings there with the sun streaming in through the windows. In fact I experienced one of Britain’s hottest temperatures in these very buildings. None of that at the moment and it’s a wonder to me how I could afford to have an office. It was right here in the top of these buildings and looked no different tonight than they did some 20 years ago or more.imperialsquare

If you look very carefully at the photograph you’ll just be able to see one of the new tenants, urban gulls are a bit of a problem hereabouts and there seems to be one on the roof here.

At the other side of Imperial Square is this monument to soldiers who fought at Sebastopol. It’s been lovingly restored and looked brilliant in every way tonight.


Striding back to base camp home I came across this yellow shop. There are all sorts of planning laws and conservation rules in the Cheltenham area, so it’s a relief when someone paints outside the box.


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