What’s wrong with this picture? Almost everything.

Breakfast disaster

First of all one should not take pictures of your meals. Well I don’t think so.

This one is placed merely as evidence of major breakfast criminal activity. I go for a FEB ( Full English Breakfast ) every now and again with chums. We arrive as the cafe in question opens and choose from the varied menu. I’m hoping to persuade said chums go go somewhere else in the future as I pick major faults in the above.

First of all the beans are not separated from the rest of the items by any sort of barrier when there are 2 perfectly good sausages that are the normal bean barrier. Actually the sausages were not perfectly good, distinctly average. This is a major error as bean juice is likely to invade other areas of the plate uninvited.

Second, the bacon is flaccid and fatty when it should be crisp.

Third: fried bread, positioned reasonably well close to the egg, but it was cold and greasy.

Last and perhaps the most unforgivable factor was: the egg was BROKEN! You cannot under any circumstances serve a fried egg with broken yoke and it’s lodgings next to the beans where yoke and bean can intermingle is frankly unforgivable.

It’s time to move on.