Hippycamper or hippocampus


How good to get back to the drawing and the ideas. I’ve been working on a small book for a hypnotherapist and this little rough idea came out this afternoon. Sometimes the first drawing is the best and this is the case with this one. Just one of those continuous lines that seem to go right for me today. There will hopefully be a so-called finished version of this little chap but it’s unlikely to have the energy and feel of this no matter how much I try and however much I have to drink before drawing it. It’s the sort of silly joke that I used to make as a schoolboy all those years ago and which would elicit a comment from my form master that “…all this joking is not going to get you anywhere Davies, mark my words”. How right you were Sir.

Also today another little scribble, this one about trance. My old schoolmaster would have probably been appalled by the way people stare into their phones all day today looking for enlightenment, and generally not getting it.