Planning gone potty.


Another, and this the last observation, from my trip to Newport. They have a wonderful covered market hall with almost nothing in it. Down the road they appear to be building the biggest most nondescript shopping place with this gem just a few yards away. For crying out loud what a waste. Have the planners and architects not got the wit to refurbish this place in their plans. It’s not dead but it’s dying on it’s feet and will probably be killed off for good when “Blandland” opens down the road. They’ve done similar things in Gloucester where the indoor market is much better than this poor creature but still needs some real tlc. They’ve also built a shopping ‘experience’ in Gloucester too, with marble floors imported from China ignoring local craftsmen and building methods. It’s an experience you’ll be happy to miss.

There’s something wrong with the state of planning and building, and with local authorities for allowing this to happen.

Perhaps this local Newport sculpture is of the planners, not a party I’d want to go to.



  1. This frustrates me to no end. CBL, though one of the leaders in mall management on this side of the pond are notorious for purchasing malls managed successfully by other companys and leaving the malls they originally owned down the road to die a long and slow death. In our town in Alabama right now we have three malls, one that is outdoor, one that is a standard indoor, and a mall on its last leg. Instead of working on mending the mall on its last leg they are building three new malls around the town?! Just blows my mind.

    1. My big idea with this sort of thing is that retailers should be obliged to turn any abandoned site into a garden area, that they maintain until properly re-occupied.They put up these sites cheaply so they should be able to dismantle them easily too.Local authorities are the key and sadly over here local politicians are sometimes just not able enough to make them do it.Like your site!

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