Walk this way please.


This is the last photo that I’ll be posting on here, and is in the Canadian Rockies.

From now on my writings and photos will be on http://www.unknownitems.com and this site will be dedicated to drawings and cartoons, the odd bit of writing here and there and perhaps a poem or two.

It’s a bit of a reorganisation, a tidying of my drawers so to speak. It will also give me some idea of what is the most popular stuff, the drawings or the photographs/writings. So if you have been following me here, feel free to follow me there :


A bit of a change…

I’m changing my site. After a visit to Canada I’ve decided to keep this site for drawings and cartoons and from now on my photographs and other writings will be on http://www.unknownitems.com

So if you want to read about all the quirky things I found in the West of Canada, then pop over and have a look. If your interest is in my drawings then they will be here. Thanks for dropping by.