Breakfast and business, is there something wrong with my herring?


The guards are out again after a considerable break.

To kick start the series I was invited to a business breakfast over in Gloucester, and very pleasant it was too. Getting up at 5-30 was probably the only downside, but at least at that time in the morning there’s precious little on the roads.

I took along this drawing and asked for contributions from the gathering for possible punchlines, it’s a cheap way for me to get ideas or perhaps I should say it’s ‘creative collaboration’. All sorts of businesses were there from someone to fix your security to wealth management, the latter would be wasting his time with me, he’d have nothing to manage.

I’d prepared myself for the event by writing a little biography, so that all there would know where I came from and what I did, but on the day went ‘off piste’ with mixed results. I’m sure that most of the attendees went away with a different impression than I intended. I now have a sore leg from where I’ve been kicking myself. Stick to the script will be my motto from now on. Here’s what I wrote the night before, so now you know exactly where I come from and you have the script to prove it.


Good morning

Thanks to Allegra for inviting me along today.

About me

Art school : graphic design.

Brief career in advertising in London.

Freelance 1972 after redundancy

Set up a small business with a partner, that supplied visuals to the advertising business.


In the late 70’s asked to do some cartoons for a client


Partner left to go and live in Wales, he was welsh, he’s still welsh.

Worked alone. Sole operator

Asked to do storyboards for TV commercials


Did many, including work for the National Lottery and Carling Black label and many other products and clients.

Very busy

Approached by an illustrators agent to see if I’d like to work through them.

More work, even busier.

I worked in the main for advertising agencies and design companies but also for

magazines and books, doing quite a few book jacket illustrations.

Oddest job?

My right hand was used in a TV commercial for Sega megadrive drawing a dog.

Make up attended to my right hand,

but not my left as it had no part in the production

Fast forward

I became a cartoonist by accident rather than by design,

it gave me a living until around 2002, around 30 years.

Digital world approached, hid behind my drawing board.

Notso busy.

Got a proper job as a print rep for Severnprint in 2002

Paid holidays, regular cheque. Regular hours, unheard of!


Chance to catch up digitally.

Turned into an apple mac fanatic

Bought magazines with pictures of macs

Could be heard muttering to myself:

“Oooh look at the memory on that beauty”

I’ve got over it.

Went out of print last November.

Back to my drawing board, but now it is partly electronic. 

What I do now:

I draw

I write

I blog

I build small websites

I take photos

I invent silly books and design them

I work on projects that I like

I do cartoons

on almost anything…

To give a flavour of what I do now, please take a look at my website or my blog which is the same name but just a .com


Also last week an email from a student asking if he could ask questions about what it’s like to be an illustrator ( which I’m not, I’m a cartoonist, but that’s being a bit ‘picky’ ) Ask away says I.

I got three questions:

  1. How do you establish work with clients and agents?

2. How do you deal with issues such as pricing and copyright?

3 Could you share any additional information regarding how you operate?

I wasn’t sure quite how to answer without it sounding trite, but you would think that if this poor chap is at a college that is supposed to teach and inspire them to want to do what i do, they might have indicated what the answers to these questions might be, or am I being ‘picky’ again.

The danger is that I’ll write a book about it as the answers, but no one would want to read that.

Don’t forget if you have been following me on this blog, I have another now devoted to photos and ramblings about rambling where I ramble on even more than here. It’s

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