Operation, who’s idea was this?


A departure today from my usual bits about Gloucestershire place names for this little interlude. Wandering aimlessly past a toy shop the other day and here in the window is this little gem. A game called ‘Operation’. No, no, no!!!

I mused on the thought of the creative department of the games company thinking ” What can we do that’s new?” They are well short of any ideas to put to the boss, who’s just come back from a double hernia operation in the local hospital. Seeing his department looking miserable and de-motivated, the boss drops in his own idea and it’s the first thing that comes into his head. “How about we do a game called “Operation”, it’s all about getting bits out of bodies and if you get the wrong bit, there’s no litigation, just a buzzer. They’ll have to but their own batteries, now get to it and make it work, what the hell am I paying you guys for when I come up with all the brilliant ideas!”

Looking at each other with complete disbelief the team put together the game.

It’s a case of “the King’s New Clothes”, where none of them has the guts to tell the boss that this is a disaster waiting to happen.

It ends up in a shop reduced to a figure that is not far from the production costs.