Uley, does this cut it?


A sharpened scythe. Very useful for cutting grasses but the person doing the cutting must be stripped to the waist and have a full six pack ( of liquid refreshment like Abbeymead to hand as it is back breaking work ) After taking the refreshment it is advisable to give anyone holding a Uley a very wide birth as the blade can go almost anywhere.glossaryuley337


Uley is a lovely little village on the way up to the Cotswold ridge from the Dursley direction, and has a really good little arts centre called Prema. Unusual for such a small village.

My book is nearing completion and I’m waiting for the isbn numbers so that it can be lodged forever with the British Library, so in years to come there will be no doubt about the real meaning of some of these Gloucestershire place names. I’m tempted to move on to Lancashire where I originate from and lived for many years. Towns up there have a different ring to them and I was reminded just the other day of one that is crying out for a real new meaning: Feniscowles, what a great name. Watch this space, thinking cap on.