Why bother? Oh! that’s why.

I’m not sure how anyone makes a living as a cartoonist like I used to. I paid a mortgage from it  and all that other stuff. These days it seems that no one wants to pay for anything for this sort of stuff any more. Perhaps it’s just one of those days when I just wonder wether it’s worth putting pen to paper.

One of the best cures for this is to shuffle paper.

Get the old stuff out and chuck away those ideas that embarrass you. So, I’m not in the mood for ideas but I can at least look at previous incarnations when I was.

Someone once asked me if I used to laugh when I was working. In a way I never thought of drawing cartoons as work, at least not the ones where they were all my idea. The answer was “Yes, I do”, sometimes just silently to myself and for anyone else in the room it would seem like I was either laughing or crying, or starting a cold.

So here I am at the desk and I’ve done some shuffling and this little idea popped out that I must have drawn years ago, it’s not even finished, just an idea put on paper.

Did I laugh at it? Yes I did. I’m encouraged to go on.

fitness train371



  1. Kind thought. Sadly true. I suppose that even when one writes or draws there’s that nagging doubt that you might actually enjoy it and it then devalues it in the eyes of others. Being paid to laugh? No chance.

  2. I think that we laugh whether we get paid for it or not. Someone like you, who helps us do it, is a treasure forever.

    The same is true about making music BTW… unless you fit the video image…

  3. People consume so much today through social media, finding the cartoons in the newspaper used to be the highlight of reading it, tiny little islands of joy in an otherwise mixed bag. Now one can click on Facebook and view 20 humorous or thought provoking images/ comments in a minute. Things get recirculated however, and it won’t be too long before everyone has seen everything and people will pay for a bit of originality. I like your in/out tray – I could do with one like that to reflect my various areas of procrastination!

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