The British and a fondness for two wheeled travel in leather.


I’m working, if you can call this sort of thing ‘working’ on a set of drawings based on an idea by an almost unheard of cartoonist called Pont, who’s real name was Graham Laidlaw. So that makes two of us ‘almost unheard of’.

Pont specialised on drawings about the British and I’m trying my best to resurrect the idea with updated drawings of my own. I’ve booked some gallery space for August to show the final artwork, which is a bit of a dilemma as final artwork no longer really exists on paper these days. So I may well do a few prints for it too.

I’ve exhibited at exhibitions in the past with really very little success, is one supposed to say that these days with the penchant for ‘bigging oneself up’?  No matter. I’m going to give it another try though frankly is they don’t sell it won’t be anything new to me.

I’ll feature a few of the roughs and perhaps the finals on here as we get closer to the event, and then if any of you are near Cheltenham, then come and see me. I’ll be the chap in the corner of the gallery giving you the ‘evil eye’ and hoping for the odd chuckle.

The last time I exhibited the following drawing was in the show, and midway through the week a couple came in who looked exactly like the drawing below.


He even said so: ” Ere Clare, this looks juslikeyoo! ” he said with his back to me. Then looked at me and said: ” I hope that’s not to supposed to be me”. “No, I’ve never met either of you before” I replied in my friendliest manner. He smiled a toothless smile and muttered: ” Well I ent buyin it”, and they left.




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