Should I pay less?


Here are a few things that you should know about British Gas. If, like me you lose someone and then become responsible for their energy bills the transition can be quite simple. But if you still are responsible for the property after 18 months then they have to change the account. Don’t ask me why but they do. This happened to me and the confusion this engineered put me at odds with British Gas. I’ve sorted it out now, it was partly my fault, and partly theirs to be fair, but as they say after a fight, they started it!

That was until this morning when this came. Only last week they told me on the phone that both accounts were finalised and settled. So I owe them 1p. I suppose I could pay it, or as they said last week I can assume that the account is settled and wait for them to chase this 1p. It might have cost them a little more than 1p to send this bill.

If I phone them I can get through to either India, South Africa or South Yorkshire, and it will certainly cost me more than 1p in my time to do it.I’ve found in the past that you get different information from each location, so I am wary. So let’s see if they can sort it out themselves.


  1. Ah tweeting! Yes I spent hours , literally last week on line and on hold for a customer service line (no reply) to try to say ‘ please don’t deliver my package, I’m not in , let’s talk and decide when. No joy. Complained on twitter. Sorted in 3 messages😤

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