“Just putting you through…”

I’ve been thinking again, perhaps I should n’t.

Phones: we keep them in our pockets and if we are really up to speed we talk to them with them in our pockets via headphones and wander around seemingly talking to ourselves. Out in the supermarket or on the street we see people who are hearing voices, and it’s considered normal. In days of yore such unfortunate people were sent to large brick built institutions and filled with mind numbing drugs so that the voices might go away.They were treated kindly for the most part and pitied by the rest of us. Now we ignore.Phone boxes, these red things still around on some streets, there are a few here where I live, were for people who had no phone at home at all of for emergency. People really did not always have phones.

Glen Campbell’s haunting tune ” Witchita Lineman” has almost been made redundant. We now have fibre in a box at the end of the road. The sort of fibre we used to get was in a cereal box  and was called “All Bran” and was the prefect way to keep you regular without resorting to drugs.

Some of these red phone boxes are being preserved and made into mini libraries and artworks. My own memory of them was an unfortunate pong and a very cold wind coming through the heavy door.

Just a very quick rough cartoon this week:

tied up374