A disinclination to go out…


Amidst all the haircuts I’m dropping this one in. It’s one of the British Character drawings from my exhibition earlier in the year and is close to the original Pont idea.

Pont: Graham Laidler, and the British Character

I’m a bit ‘low key’ myself about going out and am told I should ‘get involved more’ from time to time. I’ve avoided any fuss about my birthdays for some years and thought I’d managed to keep my head below the parapet for the latest one which was recent. But my kids and son/daughter in law sent me a brilliant gift of a hamper of food goodies from Cornwall, and my wife got me a book that I wanted about Samuel Pepys.

Now I’ll have to go out to walk off the weight so that I can justify sitting for hours reading.

For goodness sake don’t send me birthday greetings, just cash.




Old blokes running…


Well, it’s not really a haircut, but no matter. Call it a style if you like. Have you noticed how old blokes who go running sometimes look like they are about to fall over?┬áRunning, if it can be called that, at an angle of 45 degrees to the tarmac. Or leaning back at exactly the same angle. Perhaps the bandana is to cover old head injuries. There has to be a reason for the bandana, or perhaps they think it looks cool.It does not.

Who am I to criticise, when I won’t even run for a bus.

You can get “Old Zapata” on a t-shirt right here: Red Bubble. If you know someone like this then go ahead and buy one for them, but be careful, they tend to take themselves very seriously, for no reason.