Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

I had a little walkabout today trying to get my allocated steps in as my app tells me to. “Do more!” it says every day. At this rate, I’ll be walking all day. I wandered past this chap and asked him if he’d mind me doing a small video of him for my blog. Perhaps, he said. I thought at first he was being reticent about his undoubted talents, but he was simply telling me what he intended to sing next. I thought he was more than pretty good and promised to share. His name is Yeuey Qing, look out for him, perhaps.

He’s probably got a shed


My uncle had a shed. Not just any shed, it was more of a workshop. In it was a lathe and other metalworking equipment. He looked nothing like this. He was a doctor and I’m told he delivered me!

For relaxation, he built engines, steam engines. Small replicas of train locomotives that ran on narrow gauge railways. I suspect he was never happier than when he was making his engines.

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