You wait for a blog to come along, then three turn up at once…

Trumpet Voluntary617

As followers might have noted I’m involved with some jolly fine fun writing of the story of Nicky Tams by my colleague Gordon Thorburn. Trying to be as clever as possible, never a good idea, I have scheduled these to appear in the right order over several weeks. It worked out quite well until today when I managed to post one a few weeks early after some editing I needed to do to it. Flapping around¬†I went back and deleted it and then put it back in the right order.

Breathing a sigh of relief, though I’m not sure quite why I should worry that much, each chapter works quite well on its own.

I’d forgotten that my blogs automatically go to Facebook. So domino theory of problems. I’ve deleted it from there now too. It could be all over the place now, like fake news.

Forgetting all that nonsense here’s some more and my new theme for the first part of the year: musicians and their instruments. 3 blogs in one day, enough for anyone. I’m sure it is.

3 blogs in one day? Enough for anyone. I’m sure it is. Have a very pleasant weekend.

TV Man, remember them?

tv engineer613

They used to inhabit small shops, and generally had a bank of second-hand TVs that they would sell to you with the legend, that “these never seem to breakdown,¬†Japanese you see” ( Never quite explaining why they had appeared in his shop ). Put out of business by the solid state flat screen TVs we have today hanging from every wall. Why we even refer to them as “flat screen TVs” any more is a bit of a mystery as every TV seems to have a flat screen, when’s the last time you saw one with buttons on the front and what appears to be a cooker behind the screen?

TV Repairman may well have gone on to be computer repairman, where he’s reducing advising everyone that turning it off and then on again will repair it. Course it will.

In his heyday with his little screwdrivers and access to all parts he could fix a TV until the next time something went funny, and if it did it again he would generally suggest that there might be a problem with the aerial, but his brother does that sort of thing. No problem.