WU liquid and others…


Do we need any WU liquid? Washing up liquid to the uninitiated. How long before it becomes a brand name. You could then get New Recipe WU, Power WU, Automatic WU.

Winston Churchill was a great one for shortening words, an early texter if you like. Or should that be txtr. It’s something I do on a mere shopping list, not on ” A History of the English Speaking People”, as he might have done. Perhaps it was originally called :Hstry v Englsh Spkng Pepl?

Anyhow, I had this thought. Does anyone out there have a family thing like we do for WU. If so I’d be happy to do a drawing of it for you, for free. As long as it’s not thousands of you, but then that’s not likely. If you’re in the UK then I’ll send you the original, nfrmd.

No rush, hurry up!

That’s another of ours, or to be more accurate, mine.