The last of the series. Did I hear a sigh of relief?


OK, that’s enough of these. This one is a little more local and is from a picture taken down by the River Severn. It’s a meadow and it was another bright blue day. It’s sometimes only after you’ve taken a picture and looked at it again that you realise what a wonderful day it was and exactly how lucky we are right here to live in such a wonderful landscape.

This series has featured places as far away as Canada and the Orkneys, but this one is literally just down the road. The other factor here is that we can walk through these areas without any problem whatsoever, as long as we follow the footpaths. Of which there are loads.

According to my calculations, I’ve published 13 drawings over the last 13 days. Now it’s time for me to convert them to the prints that I’d like to make. So come back soon for the colour versions.

I’ll be doing the odd cartoon here and there too, mustn’t forget my true calling.