Put that on your sandwich!

I’m a big follower of this blog:


I’m slightly addicted to Betty’s take on all the stuff she buys from Trader Joe’s which is a large supermarket chain in California ( and may be elswhere ). Looking at what our American cousins eat might give an insight into how they behave. They certainly are n’t short on creativity. In the case above they obvoiusly dropped a cake in the baking department and shovelled it into jars. No need to worry, I’m sure it was all in a controlled environment, though nuts might have been present. In fact that exactly describes the people who think up these ideas: nuts!

Apropo of nothing, it occurs to me that almost every image I’ve posted on here has had blue skies in the background and gives the impression that we live in a country like California. So to balance it out here’s what it was like yesterday, and it continues into today.

It’s the sort of day where you need to get cake in your sandwich.